Karakal Pro Tour Comp 9 – First Impressions Cosmetic: Beauty is in the eye of

Black Knight RAD overgrip – First Impressions – Squash Unlimited The RAD overgrip is slightly

Just got this from Squash Unlimited next day, awesome. I love it, I feel like

Gearbox Prism Backpack – First Impressions + Phenomenal bag for the person looking for lots

Eye V.Lite 125 Control Mazen Hesham (the Black Falcon) – First Impression Cosmetic: Eye catching

Eye X.Lite 120 Control Amr Shabana – First Impression Cosmetic: Great colors and quality finish.

Squash Unlimited: First Impressions Color: really pops out! Construction: First rate, quality build. Overall: +Nice

Victor AS3W-FG: First Impressions Cosmetic: Vibrant colors and modern looking but not too gawdy. Good

Prince Pro Beast 750 Textreme: First Impressions First Impressions: Great stable/powerful frame. Huge sweetspot. A

Compressorsport Play + Dtox Full sock: First Impression Pros + In hand they feel like

Eye V.Lite 145 Power – First Impressions The Eye racquets have intrigued me for quite

Prince Pro Airstick 550 Lite 2017/18 – First Impressions I have played with the same

Prince Pro Phantom 950: First Impressions Went for a quick spin last night with the

I played for 2 hours last night with this new racquet. I have to say,

I sweat and this stuff works! I have used it for over 3 years now.

Excellent bag for those who like to organize their gear. Lots of pockets and compartments.

Love this shoe. Slightly on the wider side with excellent cushioning and support. I feel