Wilson Force 155 Triad

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Wilson Force 155 Triad – designed for the player looking for power and comfort.

The Force 155 Triad features the Triad system whereby the head and the shaft of the racquet are separate and are connected using a rubber grommet system and the stringing pattern. What is created is a very soft flexing racquet capable of absorbing the most shock of any racquet on the market. It is an exceptional racquet for someone suffering from tennis elbow or shoulder pain.

Wilson has engineered the frame with Power Holes that help to create a bigger sweet spot and increase the power generation.

Grip size is on the smaller side and will be suitable for a broad range of hand sizes. The bevels help to provide feedback on if the racquet face is open/closed.

Trap door on the butt cap helps to shake out any debris that may rattle within the frame.

Strung with Wilson Sensation Strike 17.

No cover.


  • Head size; 496 sq cm
  • Bare frame weight: 155 grams
  • Balance: 365 mm

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Racquet Balance - Squash

Racquet weight (bare frame)