Salming Race R2 2.0

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Salming Race R2 2.0 – a lightweight cushioned shoe for the indoor court player.

The Race R2 2.0 is a medium width shoe with a host of features to let you perform safely and comfortably on the court. The overall design has a lower heel to toe drop allowing a more natural foot gait and increasing speed on the court.

Upper: The Exo-Skeleton design helps to stabilize the foot during rapid lateral and stop/go movement. A longer heel cup called the EregoheelCup fixes the heel more securely in the shoe to further aid in a better fit.

Midsole: Rebound foam used in the midsole provides up to 70% more cushion and comfort compared to regular EVA. another innovation called T.G.S. 62/7 or the  Torsion Guide System has been designed with extra stability and greater flexibility to stimulate the foot’s natural movements.

Outsole: A new sole compound called XR110 improves traction by 25%. RollBar design offers an increased radius on the inner side of the outer sole and facilitates rolling the foot inwards and for greater toe push-off.

Color: Light Red


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Shoe Size Men (US)



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