Salming Race R1 3.0

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Salming Race R1 3.0

Shoes with an exoskeleton: firmer, more stable

This bright red Salming Race R1 3.0 is designed for squash, with uppers made of light and strong polyester. Where the upper connects to the sole there is an exo-skeleton to help with foot positioning and limit sliding, perfect for the sort of rapid sideways movements that regularly occur when playing squash. The Salming Race R1 3.0 is a squash shoe that fits closely to help you play at your best.

Ankle Protection

Rapid, sudden stops can be hard on your ankles and exert a lot of force on the joint. The risk of falling or turning your ankle over is ever present when playing squash, and for this reason Salming have added Race R1 3.0 LMS + technology. This means that there is an extra angle of 5 ° is on the parts of the sole which are under pressure, helping the shoe to roll back in the right direction. Roll bar technology within the shoe helps to protect your ankles and improve your game.

Thicker Soles

The Salming Race R1 3.0 has soles that are virtually flat, with minimal difference in thickness between the heel and the rest of the shoe, providing extra rebound and allowing you to move quickly between shots. Racing in these Salming shoes is also a delight owing to their light weight- only 305 grams for European size 42 shoe. Shoes so light it almost feels like you’re barefoot, offering great grip on the floor of the court!

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Shoe Size Men (US)


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