Prince Pro Phantom 950

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Prince Pro Phantom 950

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Prince has launched a new line of racquets made in a new factory to address past breakage issues in some of their frames.

The Phantom 950 replaces the Rebel 950 EXO3 and the most noticeable change is that the EXO3 system has been ditched on the new Phantom 950. The EXo3 was a plastic grommet system that suspended the string around the frame at the 3, 6, and 12 o’clock spots. The idea was the grommets would store energy and transfer it back to the ball and increase the speed of the shot when rebounded. Did Exo3 work? It did for David Nicol past multiple World Champion of Malaysia and quite a few others. But some of their more popular models did not have Exo3 so it is hard to say. If you have played it please feel free to write a review.

The other major new design is the addition of Textreme Graphite across the entire top of the frame to help decrease breakage. Past frames only used it sparingly at the 10 & 2 o/clock locations.

Strung with Prince Syn Gut 17 Black. Prince ReiPro squash grip. Full Sling bag cover included.

Unstrung weight: 132 grams

Balance: 37.8 cm

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Racquet Balance - Squash

Racquet weight (bare frame)

  1. Squash Unlimited

    Prince Pro Phantom 950: First Impressions

    Went for a quick spin last night with the Phantom 950.

    First impressions:
    Cosmetics – Very blue in a cool sort of way.

    + Very head heavy balance that plows through the ball. If you like to blast the ball the 950 is the highest power level.
    + Small grip size which is good for small hands. I like to put one overgrip over to help suit my medium hand size better.
    + Very stable on off center hit shots.
    + Very quiet hit off the string bed and low vibration transmitted.
    – Made that “Speedport” sound when hitting the ball. The strings are moving back and through the ball to rebound off the string bed and make a “whump” sound. Not bad, just noticeable.

    Overall: Great racquet for a player who likes to hit with power and has a small swing arc and a slow-medium swing speed.

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