Prince Pro Beast 750

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Prince Pro Beast 750 – 2017/18 model –

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Similar cosmetic to last years Beast but now is slightly heavier at 135 grams vs 126 grams and a 35cm balance instead of 35.3cm. What does that mean? A little more stability and a little quicker swinging, all good. Plus it might have more durability from normal play.

Prince has moved their manufacturing to a new factory this year in the hopes of better durability for their frames. Time will tell.

This year Prince has extended the Textreme Graphite across the entire top of the frame to improve torsional stability and durability.

Features a more open stringing pattern compared to the 950, 650, & 550 models to help increase power and bite on the ball 14M x1 5X.

Factory strung: Prince Syn Gut 17 / Grip: Prince Resi Pro / Full sling bag cover.

Unstrung weight: 135 grams

Balance: 35cm

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Weight 1 kg


Racquet Balance - Squash

Racquet weight (bare frame)

  1. Squash Unlimited

    Prince Pro Beast 750 Textreme: First Impressions

    First Impressions: Great stable/powerful frame. Huge sweetspot. A little on the higher priced side.

    Cosmetics: Super sharp in the green / black layup.

    + Prince added 5 grams to the Beast this year which makes the racquet feel more stable and powerful.
    + Factory strings (Prince Syn Gut 17) actually played well initially. Lost some tension after 4-6 hours of play and now need to be replaced.
    + Open string pattern (Powerbite) helps to grab the ball as well as increase the power.
    – Smaller handle that needed an overgrip for an average sized hand.
    – keep the sling bag it comes with and reduce the price of the racquet 🙂

    Overall: Great racquet for the player who likes the racquet to generate more power. Looking for stability and comfort.
    Would have given 5 stars but higher price took it down one star.

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