Head Graphene Touch Radical 145 18

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Head Graphene Touch Radical 145 18 – the classic feel / control racquet with more weight and plow through. A good racquet for doubles hardball.

Deceptive shots from the back court require a racquet that offers high control. The GRAPHENE TOUCH RADICAL 145 can help. The new Graphene Touch technology ensures an incredible touch and a solid dampened feel.

The racquet also features the new Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP) technology, which allows you to choose between the straight string pattern to maximize your power game and the special fan-shaped pattern to optimize your ability to control the ball.

The unique combination of a high swing weight and a light head additionally supports the easy handling so your deceptive shots are even easier to hit. Featuring a standard beam, this RADICAL racquet gives you control and touch for every part of your technical game.

FRAME WEIGHT: 145 g / 5.1 oz
HEAD SIZE: 460 cm² / 71 in²
GRIP SIZE: 3 7/8
BALANCE: head light
BEAM: 16.5-20.2 mm

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Racquet Balance - Squash

Racquet weight (bare frame)

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