Dunlop Force Evolution 130

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Dunlop Force Evolution 130 – slightly heavier and a more head heavy balance helps to increase the power level of the Force Evolution 130.

The Force Evolution 130 is designed for the player looking for a bit more power compared to the Force Evolution 120. Players with slow to medium swing speeds will benefit from the 10 grams of weight. Also aids in stability of the racquet upon impact.

Technical features:

  • Aeroskin CX – a patterned surface similar to shark skin reduces the co-efficient of drag by up to 35% allowing the head of the racquet to cut through the air.
  • Hyperfibre – an organic material added to the graphite/resin stiffens the racquet shaft to increase overall power.
  • Parallel drilling – string holes are drilled on a parallel plane allowing the string to move more freely and enlarging the hitting area.
  • Glide Polymer – bumper and grommet material made of MOS2 mineral to increase the ability for the string to move over the material thereby increasing the hitting area again. The MOS2 mineral also increase the durability of the bumper.


  • Headsize: 490 sq cm
  • Balance: head light
  • String: Dunlop Great White 17
  • Grip: Dunlop Hydra Max Pro
  • Full cover

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Racquet Balance - Squash

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