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  1. Hi there!! Just looking at my order and wondering why it has been on hold since the 28th? Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help expedite this order =) Many thanks and happy new year!!!
    1. Hi Bryan, Thanks for the email and the order as well. We have been closed since the 22nd and back tomorrow from the holidays. We should have been clearer as to when shipping was going to resume, sorry. I had a look and we have the shoes but the string is out of stock and we will not be receiving more, my apologies again. Did you want me to ship the shoes today and cancel the reel or cancel the whole order? Please advise. Regards, Larry Howes
  2. Hi Larry, thanks for the prompt reply and Happy New Year!!!! No worries about the shipping. I just thought I should reach out in case there was an issue with the order. About the shoes - I typically wear a 7.5 in Asics. This is the first time I'm trying the eye shoes so not sure if I should do size 8 or 8.5 as I hear they fit small? Also, if I'm not getting the string, wondering if I could add 4 grommets. 3 for a Prince 130 Airstick, and 1 for a Carboflex 125s to the order. Thank you so much for your help again!! - Bryan
  3. Sorry I meant 3 grommets for Carboflex 125s and 1 for Prince 130 Airstick. Thanks!!!
  4. Hi Larry Shoes - Yes, will absolutely go for the size 8 in the Eye shoes. If you still have them in the light blue that would be great, and if not in that colour, lime green would be awesome. Bumpers + grommets - Yes I need the side strips too for the 125s... so I will order just 1 bumper for the Prince 130 Airstick. Thanks again Larry for all your help, I really appreciate all your expertise!!
  5. Hi Larry, Yes, I will order a pair of the size 8's in the Yellow shoes. And will also get the bumper for the Airstick 130. Once again, thank you again for all your help!!! Cheers and have a great week! - Bryan

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