Selecting grips is unique to each player and what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. The amount of sweat that you perspire as well as the sweat content makes grips perform  differently. From heavy sweaters to non-sweaters there is a grip for you.

There are hundreds of choices out there and it can be very confusing. Over the years there has been some solid performers as well as some new worthwhile models. I will recommend some further on.

Cushion or Overgrip?

Cushion grip, also called a replacement grip is thicker, more absorbing and cushioned because of the thickness. If you sweat buckets look for an absorbent cushion grip. If you have had your grip on your racquet longer than 6 months to a year then I recommend replacing with a cushion grip. Reasoning is that grips pack down over time and will loose their cushioning component making them less comfortable.

Overgrips are meant to go over a cushion grip and are for people who like that fresh feel more often. They do slightly build up the grip. A three pack of overgrips generally last the same time as one cushion grip and cost is about the same.

How long does a grip last?

Depends on how picky you are about performance. An overgrip will last 5-6 hours of play before becoming slippery or less absorbent. Cushion grips will last 15-20 hours of play. Obviously this depends on you and your performance needs.

Our gripsrecommendations are:

Cushion grip / Absorbing

  • Karakal Super PU or Duo – has been around forever and is a solid performer.
  • Salming X3M Drain Cushion – new to the market and exceptional absorption.

Cushion Grip / Tacky

  • Salming X3M Tacky – new on the market
  • Prince ResiPro Cushion – perforated and more a rubber feel

Overgrip / Tacky

  • Wilson Pro Overgrip – the grip of Roger Federer.
  • Prince ResiPro overgrip –  a perforated tacky grip

Overgrip / Absorbent

  • Tournagrip – it has been around forever and is solid at absorbing sweat.
  • Babolat VS Grip – a thinner absorbent grip with a tad more tackiness than tournagrip.

As mentioned these are recommendations and a good starting point but there are lots to choose from. If you find one you love let us know, we are always looking for the perfect grip!